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11 February 2016 – London, UK

The Martell House unveiled yesterday a new electrifying limited edition: La French Touch by Martell, at the famous Wellington Private Members Club, London, in presence of Etienne de Crécy, pioneer and emblematic figure of the House music cult movement, creator of the limited edition.

A Contemporary Expression of French Art de Vivre

In the space of twenty years, the French Touch has become one of the biggest musical revolutions of the 20th century through its unique contemporary and planetary sound, whilst widening its spheres of expression into arts, graphics, video and fashion.

The French Touch and Martell have been cultivating the same quest for quality, the same demand for shared emotions, and the same desire to show the world –through a modern treatment- this French Art de Vivre celebrated for 300 years by the oldest of the great Cognac Houses.

Etienne de Crécy, the living incarnation of the French Touch, is behind the artistic direction of this limited edition, which embodies all the creative collective energy of a French trend, now an international reference.

«A bold move! Creating a limited edition which goes beyond the mere universe of one designer and which conveys an extra dimension, something bigger, with more energy... La French Touch! I'm very proud to have been chosen to orchestrate this limited edition» commented Etienne de Crécy.

A vivid & sophisticated ENERGY TRIBUTE TO The Parisian Nights

Along with Martell blue, the neon lights, iconic modules of the French Touch, have here become the signature of this limited edition. Used in interplay of vibrating lines, with UV ink, they create an electrifying dimension evoking the unique magnetism of the “City of Lights”’ nights.

«For this bottle I needed a dark, deep and dense background, in order to get the neons to vibrate. The famous Martell blue seemed the obvious choice. Especially as the color
also symbolizes nighttime, with all its electricity and its attractions. » explained Etienne de Crécy
The graphic design of the electric lines evokes the Cube, equally emblematic for the French Touch and Etienne de Crécy, reminding us just as much of a music studio or of the center stage of a night-club or an art gallery, where one is throbbing to the beat of a musical performance.

« It came naturally. The neon was getting further away, fading out, and suddenly a rhythm appeared. It was both really abstract and really powerful. An almost musical form, strong and sensitive, which everyone can interpret in their own way. » he added.

Available in Martell VS, Martell VSOP and Martell Noblige, the limited edition glows in the dark in night venues, and in this way enters into the trend with its strong codes, an association of power and elegance, which will electrify the night in Paris and the world over.

«Designing, producing, and putting a bottle of Martell under the spotlights… There's something both elegant and exciting about that». concluded Etienne de Crécy.


Martell Cognac and its loyal consumers is not only a story of taste but a story of encounters which excite all senses, from physical to emotional. In the same way, the French Touch’s fans are expecting an immersive experience going beyond listening whilst widening its spheres of expression into art, graphics, video and fashion.
La French Touch is hence aiming to offer a fully immersive experience, from the limited edition bottles to an exciting signature cocktail and an electrifying, neon atmosphere, as guests could witness yesterday at the famous Wellington Private Members Club.
The 200 VIPS guests were invited to discover the unique La French Touch cocktail, a blue cocktail mixing Martell VS, blue curacao liqueur and top tonic, glowing in the dark under UV lights along with the La French Touch VS bottles. Etienne de Crécy then levelled the energy up, offering an exclusive set to the crowd, from his very first hits to the most contemporary electro music, among which his latest album Super Discount 3.

Notes to editors


Martell, the oldest of the great cognac houses was founded by Jean Martell in 1715, at the height of the French Art de Vivre movement; a period of time in which gastronomy, tasting and craftsmanship were all celebrated and enjoyed with style. MORE As such, these became the three pillars of the Martell House and are the core areas which still remain intrinsic to Martell’s vision today. Since 1715, Martell has produced, exported and marketed cognacs whose quality is recognised worldwide for their outstanding finesse and delicacy brought through the double distillation of clear wines exclusively and ageing in fine grained oak barrels.


The very first appearance of “French touch” occurred during the summer of 1987, when a series of parties were organized to promote House music in France. MORE But it was only in 1996 that the term really moved to common language, after British music journalist Martin James used it in his 1996 review of the first Super Discount EP by E. de Crecy. The French Touch successfully spread out to many art and lifestyle fields: design, graphics, video, food, mixology, fashion. The variety of artistic fields illustrates a core dimension of the French touch: its collaborative dimension, as artists tend to work in multi-talented crews that inspire each other and mix different artistic disciplines


Etienne de Crécy, DJ and music producer, thanks to his albums, books and the Super Discount trilogy, is today considered to be one of the founders and masters of the musical genre, like Air and Daft Punk. MORE
After launching in 1994 the first album announcing the birth of French house, he launched his Super Discount project in 1995, bringing music and graphism at a new edge In 2008, Étienne de Crécy launches Beats’n’Cubes, a piece of performance art devised by the Exyzt collective: this radical, bright, cubic sound installation travels the world for more than 5 years (headlining Coachella’s Sahara stage in 2008).
In his live performances, record production and visuals, Étienne de Crécy has always been a pioneer, producing conceptualized, original, groundbreaking work.


Nathalie Vimar

Press & Public Relations Manager

Raphaëla Allouche

Press & Public Relations Director